Your orders are processed electronically. The use of technology allows us to reduce our costs, quicken the process, and pass the savings along to you. Refrigerated containers and freight trailers move fresh product from our warehouse to yours, anywhere in the world. Ronald Jones Ferneries grows a wide variety of assorted greens.

Once our field graded ferns are mature, they are carefully cut, then quickly brought to our warehouses where they are dipped and cooled in a specially treated 40 degree fahrenheit bath to seal in freshness. Our refrigerated warehouses provide an ideal climate as ferns are sorted, packed, and readied for shipment. Modular product handling equipment allows rapid processing of the cut ferns and guarantees consistently high quality
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Our family run company, passed down from father to sons by the late Ronald Jones, is not just a business but a way of life. We're proud to be the supplier of the best, most desirable cut foliage in the world and we think the beauty of our product speaks for itself.